Knowledge Management Roll Out Plan

Renewing and enhancing the KM Curriculum involves:

  • identifying the demand and building recruitment levels
  • identifying and securing funding sources to support the development of new courses
  • identifying and engaging the faculty expertise to develop and teach the courses.

A target course list and schedule has been proposed for each competency area. Each competency area should have a targeted student population, an identified funding source, and internal and external partners for development and delivery. In addition, Guiding Principles have been proposed for maintaining and sustaining a quality KM graduate program.

All roll out plans are dependent upon those three conditions. Where all three conditions are met, the proposed roll out plan can be realized. Where the conditions are not met, the roll out plan will have to be adjusted.

Graphic Views of Curriculum Roll Out Plan

Bar charts of course development and availability are presented as powerpoint images, as the wiki does not support direct presentation of graphics.

Academic Year 2010-11 New Course Development

Academic Year 2010-11 Total Course Availability

Academic Year 2011-12 New Course Development

Academic Year 2011-12 Total Course Availability

Academic Year 2012-13 New Course Development

Academic Year 2012-13 Total Course Availability

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